Staying Motivated While Quarantined

I'm sure we're all pretty sick of working from home at this point. Not only are we working from home, but we're stuck in our houses all day and doing everything at home, so it can be hard to stay motivated every day. I wanted to create some tips for you guys based off of... Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Hi, everyone! Since we're stuck in the house, I've really been focusing on eating right and working out. I love having a smoothie in the morning for breakfast. I'm not a huge breakfast person and I normally never have time to cook anything in the morning anyways while rushing to work, so a smoothie is... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same Me

Happy 2020 everyone! Wow, what a decade. Learned a lot, lots of ups and downs, accomplishments, set backs, and just a lot of LIFE. Most resolutions start strong, and end very quickly, so this year I chose to focus on goals that I really really wanted and things that are attainable. What would help my... Continue Reading →

Gift Guide: For Him

Air Pods I got Ian these for his birthday and he absolutely loves them. One of the best gifts for a guy, in my opinion. They will wear them on there commute (subway/metro/walk), at the gym, and can use them at work if they're on the phone all day! Perfect gift and under $200! Patagonia Fleece... Continue Reading →

Barcelona Tour Guide

So, as you guys know from my excessive Instagram posts and stories, I just recently went to Barcelona! It was an amazing experience and not only did I eat amazing food, but I learned so much and saw so many new things. I figured I'd share my go-to's with all of you to help when... Continue Reading →

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