Staying Motivated While Quarantined

I’m sure we’re all pretty sick of working from home at this point. Not only are we working from home, but we’re stuck in our houses all day and doing everything at home, so it can be hard to stay motivated every day. I wanted to create some tips for you guys based off of what I’ve found has helped these last three weeks I’ve been at home.


Even though it’s so easy to be lazy during this time, stick to your normal routine! Wake up at your normal time, get ready, and start your day as you usually would. This will help with starting work on time and getting everything done that needs to get done! This has been the hardest thing for me because there are days when I sleep in, but trying to stick with my normal routine has been helpful with keeping my tasks in check.


Now I don’t mean go and put on your full glam, but it’s really helped me to throw on some tinted moisturizer, bronzer, and mascara so I feel somewhat put together and more awake. I also love doing my makeup, so it’s nice to do at least a minimal look (I don’t want to waste any of my expensive makeup lol!). Put on a little mascara and I promise you’ll feel so much better!


Don’t forget your morning cup of joe, or tea, to start your day! This is something most of us would never forget to do, but it helps keep you awake and motivated throughout your days. Some days go by quick and some drag on, so I love looking forward to my morning matcha latte.

Eat well

The food you eat directly affects your mood. So, make sure you’re eating healthy! This will also help with your energy levels throughout the day! Here are some of my favorite meal options:

Breakfast/Lunch – avocado toast, smoothie (my fave smoothie here), salad, soup

Dinner – rice and chicken, tofu rice bowls, homemade pizza, fish

Snacks – hummus and celery, granola bars, pretzels

Dessert – halo top

We’ve been getting almost all of our groceries from Trader Joe’s and they have a ton of healthy frozen meal options too! We always go to CVS across the street for our halo top lol!


I never though YouTube workouts would be so amazing! I have worked out almost every day during this quarantine and let me tell you, this is one of the BEST things for your mental (and physical of course) health! For me, it’s time to myself to gather my thoughts, let out any stress, and focus on getting in better shape. I personally love Fitness Blender  (free!) on YouTube, and Melissa Wood Health app (only $9.99/month!). There are also a ton of fitness bloggers on Instagram who post their workouts, completely free you guys! There’s no excuse to not be getting in at least 20 minutes of exercise each day, or every other day.

To Do Lists

Every night I create a to do list and schedule for the next day in my notes on my phone! That way I can hold myself accountable for anything that doesn’t get done. I make a schedule and then underneath will have any specific to dos (for example, any collabs I need to post, stories, content due, etc.). Here’s an example:

9:00 AM – wake up, get ready, make matcha

9:15 AM – team meeting

10:00 AM – start work

12:30 PM – make lunch/any blog stuff that needs to get done

1:30 PM – finish work

5:00 PM – workout

6:00 PM – shower

6:30 PM – start dinner

Facetime/Zoom with friends

Facetime and Zoom are your new best friends! We’re at home all day, so set up some happy hours with friends or with your work. This will make you feel so much better throughout the week. Even though we can’t see our friends in person, FT and Zoom are all we got right now, so take advantage and catch up with your girls!

Order some cute loungewear

I think we all should be saving majority of our money right now, BUT if we’re stuck in the house we might as well look cute! Get some new workout sets or some sweatsuits to look cute and cozy during this quarantine. Trust me, it will help your mood so much! I’ve linked a ton of options here and here.

I hope these tips help and just remember, we will get through this!



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