Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Hi, everyone! Since we’re stuck in the house, I’ve really been focusing on eating right and working out. I love having a smoothie in the morning for breakfast. I’m not a huge breakfast person and I normally never have time to cook anything in the morning anyways while rushing to work, so a smoothie is my usual go to.

With smoothies, I want something that tastes good, kinda sweet, but also healthy and will fill me up until lunch. I tried out a ton of smoothie recipes before creating this one, and it’s my absolute fave!



Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Smoothie


1 Banana (can be frozen)

Handful of spinach

One teaspoon of peanut butter

One teaspoon of cocoa powder

1/4 cup Almond milk

Handful of ice (if your banana is frozen, you don’t need the ice!)

Mix everything together in a blender, I prefer using the Nutribullet (here and here). We have the 13 piece set and got it off Amazon, because it comes with a few different lids and cups that are perfect if you’re on the go!

Feel free to add protein powder, chocolate flavor would taste good!

Such an easy recipe and taste soooo so good. Let me know if you try it and your thoughts in the comments below!




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