New Year, Same Me

Happy 2020 everyone! Wow, what a decade. Learned a lot, lots of ups and downs, accomplishments, set backs, and just a lot of LIFE.

Most resolutions start strong, and end very quickly, so this year I chose to focus on goals that I really really wanted and things that are attainable. What would help my career? What do I enjoy doing? Where do I want to be at the beginning of the next year?

So, here are some of my goals for this year. I think it’s easiest to separate these into three categories: work, blog, and personal.


AKA, my full time job. I won’t bore you with my work goals, but I do have TWO. I think it’s important to create goals for your work so you can stay motivated, challenge yourself, and also, it shows you’re still interested in what you’re doing and where you’re working! You should always have goals to excel in your career.


Lots of goals in this category. I love blogging, and it’s become a huge passion for me. I love getting into my creative space and taking photos and styling outfits. I also feel like blogging has become so Instagram focused. Some girls don’t even have a blog or website! But, the reason I started this was to share my thoughts and actually write articles about beauty and fashion. I loved watching some of the OG bloggers (something navy, weworewhat, champagne and chanel, emily ann gemma) all post their OOTDs and blog posts on complete makeup routines, sale roundups, etc. and that’s what made me love blogging. I wanted to make posts on that stuff and share it with you guys. So, a huge goal for me is to focus more on my actual blog. I want to blog as much a month as possible (but minimum 3 posts a month) and really build this platform up for my brand.

I think another thing I want to focus on is to just step out of my comfort zone overall with blogging. There’s no training or education on how to blog, what’s right or wrong, so it makes it tricky for micro bloggers who are still paving their way. I want to try out new poses, share as much content as I can (even if I feel annoying lol), and just post whatever I want. Focusing less on the likes and comments, and more on my actual influence (like to know it clicks/buys, blog views, etc.).


  • Blog as much as possible (minimum 3x a month)
  • Hit 8k followers on Instagram
  • 500 Like to Know it followers
  • Step out of comfort zone for pictures
  • Focus less on likes and comments, more on impressions, like to know it stats, blog views
  • Start my YouTube channel (really excited to do this! Instagram may not be around forever, but YouTube will always be a popular outlet).
  • NYFW


Personal goals. Always the trickiest ones. This year, I’m focusing on personal goals that make me a better person and help me stay focused on my career.


  • Make working out a priority
    • Ideally I’d like to work out Monday-Thursday every week, so I can have weekends free
    • Solidcore, Zengo, and cardio workouts in the gym are my favorite ways to exercise
  • Focus on eating plant based
    • I can’t give up meat fully, but I do want to be more plant based and only eat meat 3-4x a week
    • Also, cutting out dairy. I always do this on and off and need to officially cut it out
    • Overall, focusing on my diet in 2020
  • Travel to Paris, Greece, and California
    • Top three places I want to visit
    • After going to Barcelona this year, I realized how much I love going to new places and want to do three trips this year
  • Be more patient
  • Save more money
    • I have a goal I want to hit, so focusing on shopping less, saving more

Can’t wait to start checking these off as the year goes by!

Hope everyone has an amazing January!



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