Hair Products I Can’t Live Without

I always hated my hair growing up. Everyone had straight hair, never had to even blow dry it, and I had the curliest hair ever (the Italian and Greek in me really made my hair HUGE). I would always straighten it after I showered, and in high school I completely bleached it blonde.

After dying it probably 10 times back and forth from brown to blonde to brown again, I finally grew it out in college and cut off the last of my dyed hair and haven’t dyed it since. It was SO damaged, so I got my first big girl cut (about 6 inches off) and I’ve been focusing on taking care of my hair ever since.

I still love my hair straight, but I’m so much more conscious about the heat I put on it and the products I use. It’s been a long journey to get my hair healthy, and a lot of money invested in so many hair products! But, I’ve finally found my ride or die hair products that I can’t live without, and figured I’d spill the tea on my favorite hair products out there! Also, read my Hair Tips and Tricks blog post here for my full hair routine!

Hair Tools

Hair tools are the hardest things to find. Some damage your hair, some don’t get the job done, and some are just ridiculously expensive. So, I’ve linked my favorite hair tool products below, that I basically use every single day.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is my favorite investment (and only investment). I got this for a Christmas gift a few years ago and honestly, I would’ve bought it myself if I didn’t! It is SO great. It dries my hair so quickly and straight, which makes it so easy for my curly hair. It also doesn’t cause heat damage, which is SO important. I give majority of credit for my healthy hair to this guy, because it really is a game changer.

For my straightener, I use the BaByliss Pro. This isn’t my exact one (I couldn’t find online), but basically the same thing.

My curling iron is an $11 find from Target, linked here, that’s amazing! I would never spend more on a curling iron because this one seriously does the trick. It’s just as good as high end ones, and is only $11! I use the 1 inch barrel for a looser wave!

Lastly, if you follow me on Instagram, you know this is one of my favorite hair tools. My blow dry brush. Only my favorite invention ever. It gives your hair great volume, and so easy for me since my hair is SO curly. But, proceed with caution! Don’t go easy on the heat protectant when you’re using this tool and DON’T use it when your hair is completely wet. Let your hair air dry for a little, or else you’ll see some serious heat damage with this one. I only use it once, maybe twice, a week.

Hair Products

Everyone always asks me what dry shampoo I use, and I always recommend this Drybar Detox  one. It’s the best dry shampoo I’ve used so far, and I’ve tried A LOT of dry shampoos. I always spray this before my workouts, and at night before I got to bed, so it can soak into my hair at night. It’s such a great dry shampoo!

Products from left to right (click the image for direct links):

  • Drybar dry shampoo
  • Oribe texture spray ( so good, but pricey)
  • OUAI texturizing spray (more affordable option)
  • R+Co. Shine Cream (perfect for before a blow out)
  • Drybar hot toddy heat protectant spray (my favorite one, only need a small amount!)
  • OUAI rose hair oil (after finishing hair, put a teeny tiny amount on your ends for extra moisture)



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