Gift Guide: For Him

Air Pods

I got Ian these for his birthday and he absolutely loves them. One of the best gifts for a guy, in my opinion. They will wear them on there commute (subway/metro/walk), at the gym, and can use them at work if they’re on the phone all day! Perfect gift and under $200!

Patagonia Fleece

Patagonia is such a popular brand for guys (and girls!) and they’re sooo warm and comfy! The perfect gift for Christmas, especially with the cooler weather and guys will get a ton of wear out of this.

North Face Gloves

Guys aways forget to buy winter accessories like this and gloves are such a necessity in this weather. I love the North Face gloves, especially these fleece ones that are perfect for every day. I also love their ski gloves, if they like to ski!

Nike Socks

Perfect stocking stuffer! Guys always need more socks LOL

Canada Goose

Pricey, but worth it! Perfect puffer and will last forever. Comes in a bunch of colors and I love the bomber style!

Bose Headphones

If you don’t love Apple products, the Bose headphones are a great alternative. I’ve heard the sound is amazing and they sit in your ear really well! ($200!)

Ferragamo Belt

This is such a great belt for any guy because it’s reversible! Black on one side and dark brown on the other, so it matches with anything they wear. It also has a casual matte silver buckle that isn’t too flashy. Perfect gift that guys will get a ton of use out of!

Herschel Backpack

Ian has this and absolutely loves it. His is in the grey color, and the great thing is it comes in a ton of styles and colors! It’s perfect for work or as a gym bag and it has a trendy feel so they can look stylish!

Engraved Leather Wallet

One of my favorite gifts I’ve gotten Ian! I had his initials engraved on the front and inside I put a quote (one of his tattoo quotes). It’s a very personal gift but something that will be used every day! Also, it’s less than $50! So worth it!

Customized Pocket Square

I got this for my dad last year and he loves it! I did a light blue pocket square with his initial embroidered in white. It’s such a great, personalized gift and if they wear a suit a lot, it’s a great stylish touch to add!


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