1 X 3: Turtlenecks

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my 1 X 3 series! For this weeks feature, I’m showing you three different ways to style a white turtleneck.

This is such a staple piece that every girl should have in her closet because it goes with so much! I remember when I was younger I would always tell my mom I hated turtlenecks, and now I wear them all the time haha.

White in the fall/winter can sometimes be intimidating, so I wanted to show you all how to style this white turtleneck for the fall and winter temperatures. I also love how this sweater isn’t too long, but also not cropped, so it’s the perfect length for jeans, skirts, shorts, etc.

Option 1: 


For my first look, I styled this sweater with a denim skirt and OTK boots. I absolutely love white and light wash denim, so this is by far my favorite. The snakeskin boots also add a pop of texture to the outfit.

This denim skirt has a really cool criss cross button, which gives it a vintage feel. I did a little tuck in the front to add some shape and show off the skirt!


Option 2:


I wanted to show you all how to style this for a more dressier occasion, so I paired this turtleneck with a midi animal print skirt and some heels. This is perfect for date night or an evening event. If you’re going from day to night, swap out the heels and throw on some sneakers for during the day/walking around! White sneakers, white sweater, and some contrast in the skirt is a perfect combo!


Option 3:


For my last outfit, I put together a more casual look, that I already showed you all on my instagram! This is the perfect work out (if your office is more casual) or for day time and running errands. You can also wear heels with this look for dinner!

Hope you guys my second feature of this blog post! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on new posts and more outfit ideas!



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