1 X 3: Plaid Trousers

Hi, everyone! So, I was brainstorming some ways to share more outfit inspo with you all, and my friend suggested sharing one item styled three ways, so here we are! haha. I love buying basic pieces and wearing them with different outfits, but also it’s nice to know how to style trendy/statement pieces different ways too so you can get your money’s worth (rather than wearing it once and leaving it in your closet for two years before deciding to give it away lol).

SO, I’m starting a NEW series on my blog called “1 X 3” where I’ll be styling ONE item THREE ways, to give you alllll the outfit inspo you need. This blog post will come out every Thursday once a week with a different item featured. Want me to style something three ways for you? DM me some options!

This week, I took my new favorite plaid trousers and styled them for you guys! Trousers are so in style right now because they can be worn day or night, they’re comfy, and look SO chic. I’ve mostly been wearing these to work with a plain top, but wanted to show you all how to style these from day to night and get the most wear out of them!

The great thing about these specific pants is that the plaid makes them match with so many different colors (black, white, grey, or even a pop of color) so you can wear these with a ton of different tops and shoes!

Option 1: 


For my first look, I styled these trousers with a grey sweater and white booties. I love the somewhat monochrome look, yet the white booties make the outfit pop and add more color. This is an easy outfit for work since it’s professional, yet casual.


Option 2:


For my second look, I decided to pair the trousers with my favorite black tank, a leather jacket, and some heels. Pairing these plaid trousers with all black brings all of the attention to the pants, and this is a perfect happy hour/dinner look that’s easy to throw together, but still looks chic.


Option 3: 


Lastly, I wanted to do a more fun/going out look for nighttime. I paired the trousers with a one shoulder top and white heels. You could pair a cute bodysuit with the trousers too if you wanted! These trousers can really be paired with any basics you have, even a white tee, which makes them easy and fun to style! You’ll also get so much wear out of these because they can be worn throughout fall and into winter.


Hope you guys liked this blog post! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on new posts and more outfit ideas!

Get the Look: 





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