My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi, everyone! I wanted to create a blog post with my every day makeup routine. I get DMs daily about what makeup I’m using, so figured this would be the easiest way to share my step by step routine for you guys!

Let’s get started!

Step One: Primer

I used to use an actual primer and realized this summer my makeup was not setting very well, so I tested out using my moisturizer as a primer, and now that’s all I use! My makeup stays all day! I use this moisturizer every morning as primer. It makes my skin feel amazing! You can use it day and night too if you need to moisturize at night!

Step Two: Foundation

It was so hard for me to find the perfect foundation. I would also use one and like it for awhile and then hate it after a few months. I finally found the perfect one! Now, everyone’s skin is different, I have pretty normal skin type (not oily or dry) so this works best for me because I like a matted foundation. I wear the color medium beige in this foundation and I blend it out with this beauty blender. SO easy.

Tip: Spray setting spray on your beauty blender before blending out your foundation to help set it even more!

Step Three: Concealer

I had never tried the shape tape concealer before because it’s only sold at Ulta and I can never make it over there, but I finally gave in and bought it (in two colors) and I’m obsessed! A little goes a looong way. I only put two dots under my eyes, bridge of my nose, forehead, and chin (and any trouble spots) and blend it out with a beauty blender. It’s amazing! It covers my dark circles and also brightens the areas.

Step Four: Contour

For contour I use the Hoola bronzer. This is perfect for contouring because it’s a cool toned bronzer so it’s not orange, which gives a better illusion of a shadow in the contoured areas. It also has the most perfect contour brush in the box! I use this brush and put the bronzer on my cheek bones and forehead!

Step Five: Bronzer

So, even though I contour, I still like to look tan and glowy. On top of the areas I’ve contoured, I’ll put this Mac bronzer over! I blend it upwards while putting it on my cheek bone area so it goes on but also above where I contoured (more on my cheeks if that makes sense) to give my whole face a bronzed look! On my forehead, I just follow the contour line. I’ll brush the excess powder onto the sides of my nose and under my chin!

Step Six: Set your concealer

If I’m going out at night or to an event, I’ll bake my face (anywhere I put the concealer) to ensure my concealer is set and doesn’t crease throughout the day. My all time favorite is the Laura Mercier translucent powder. It’s so good! Totally worth the hype. For my everyday routine, I’ll just brush some powder on top of where I put concealer as well as under my contour to sharpen the line. I don’t have time to bake everyday so brushing powder on top of my concealer quickly get the job done to set it!

Step Seven: Eyeliner

I SUCK at liner. I’ve tried every single liner and I am so bad at it. My lines never look even. Well, I finally found something that works for me! I take the black color in this palette, wet the brush, and use the eyeshadow as liner. It’s so easy and good for the girls who want a little line, not a wing!

Step Eight: Mascara

MY FAVORITE STEP! I naturally have such long lashes, but I still LOVE mascara! It’s my favorite makeup product. My go to is the Estee Lauder one, but I’ve recently been using this one and you guys have been DMing me asking about my mascara, so I guess it’s working!

Step Nine: Brows

I use this pencil for brows. It’s the thicker version of the brow wiz, which I like because it still has a sharp tip for filling in your brows.

Tip: Use a qtip before doing your brows to get any excess foundation/makeup off of your brows before filling them in!

Step Ten: Set your face!

My final step! I set my whole face with this Mac setting spray. This is my ride or die setting spray and I highly recommend! It’s great and leaves my makeup in place all day!

Bonus Step: Lipstick

I rotate between a few different lippies, but I’ll share with you guys my two faves!

First, I love Kylie Cosmetics coconut liner with her Bare liquid lipstick. Best combo ever! You can also put a gloss on top if you want (I love this one in the clear color!).

Second, I love Mac Spice liner with Kylie Cosmetics Ginger liquid lipstick.

Third, I’ve recently been using Kylie Cosmetics coconut liner with this NYX lippie!

Hope you guys enjoyed my 10 step makeup routine! DM me on Instagram with any questions!



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