1 X 3: Turtlenecks

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to my 1 X 3 series! For this weeks feature, I'm showing you three different ways to style a white turtleneck. This is such a staple piece that every girl should have in her closet because it goes with so much! I remember when I was younger I would always tell... Continue Reading →

1 X 3: Plaid Trousers

Hi, everyone! So, I was brainstorming some ways to share more outfit inspo with you all, and my friend suggested sharing one item styled three ways, so here we are! haha. I love buying basic pieces and wearing them with different outfits, but also it's nice to know how to style trendy/statement pieces different ways... Continue Reading →

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hi, everyone! I wanted to create a blog post with my every day makeup routine. I get DMs daily about what makeup I'm using, so figured this would be the easiest way to share my step by step routine for you guys! Let's get started! Step One: Primer I used to use an actual primer... Continue Reading →

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