Hair Tips and Tricks

Hi, girls! So, I’ve recently been sharing my hair story on Instagram and showing you all how I’ve trained my hair to last with wayyyy less washes than what I was previously doing (now I wash my hair every 3-4 days or twice a week).

Just a year ago my hair  was 6 inches longer and SO unhealthy. If you know me, you know I have extremely curly hair, and I am always blowing it out/straightening it. If I leave my hair curly, I normally have to wash it every day, so blowing it out is easier and less time consuming overall. BUT, it was causing so much damage!

I finally decided to chop it and although I cried immediately afterwards, it’s been the best decision. I got the dead ends off and could essentially start over with my hair.

Did you guys know washing your hair everyday is actually so bad and drying for your hair?! You’re stripping it away from it’s natural oils by shampooing every day. It’s also SOOO time consuming to do your hair every day, am I right?!

So, here’s what I do to make my hair last 4 days with just ONE wash:

Step One: wash your hair! (duh)

For shampoo and conditioner, I use Tresemme. I’ve always used them and they’re my favorite brand for shampoo and conditioner. I don’t use anything fancy, no $100 shampoos for me and I don’t think I ever will. I’m not saying they don’t work, but I’m not paying a fortune for shampoo and conditioner when my hair is exactly where I want it to be without it!

Other brands I like are Joico (salon shampoo but you can normally find it at TJMaxx for half the price!), and Dove!

Step Two: heavy on the heat protectant

One thing I’ve learned is that heat protectant is SO important for your hair. I use TWO because I know how big of a difference it makes! If you’re not using a heat protectant, stop reading this post and go buy one. It’s so important to have a protective layer on your hair to reduce the amount of heat damage.

The two I use are drybar and pureology. I spray the drybar one all over my hair (mostly on my ends) and then use the pureology serum. The serum isn’t meant as a heat protectant, but when I got my hair done a few years ago at a salon, she used this and highly recommended it to me and I’ve been using it ever since!

Step Three: blow dry!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but blow drying my hair makes it last for so much longer without getting greasy rather than just letting it air dry and then straightening it. I blow my hair out with a round brush in sections.

I LOVE my dyson because it blows my hair out so fast and straight, but also I know the technology is meant to not damage your hair, so it doesn’t make me feel bad about all the heat!

After my initial blow out, I go over my hair with my revlon blow dryer brush. This helps get rid of any frizz and also straighten any curls in the back that I missed with the blow dryer.

Step Four: curl

If you like a straighter look, you can skip this step and go to step five! I personally love curling my hair. It makes my hair look so much better when I haven’t washed it and gives it some texture and dimension.

I use the conair one inch iron for looser waves!

Step Five: rose oil

After my hair is complete, I also put oil on my ends to help give moisture and also give a shinier look to my hair!

I love this the ouia one! Fun fact: you can also use it as body oil! It smells so good!

Tips & Tricks for Throughout the Week:

  1. On workout days, dry shampoo BEFORE you workout. I learned this tip from some other bloggers and I now swear by it! I always do a cycle class (if you’ve taken one, you know how sweaty you can get lol) and I always leave with my hair perfect and not greasy at all!
  2. Wrap your hair in THIS when showering! It’s the perfect shower cap and doesn’t tangle your hair at all.
  3. To help with holding your curls, use a texture spray! I love this oribe one. It’s pricey, but definitely holds your hair without that hairspray texture.
  4. If you’re just starting to train your hair, try to go as long as you can without washing it. Start with 3 days for a few weeks, then 4, then 5 and eventually your hair will get used to it. The more you wash it, the faster it gets greasy!!

If you guys have any more questions, feel free to message me on Instagram!

Hope this helps!



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