My Favorite Teddy Coat



Hi, friends!

I decided to write a blog post on my absolute favorite teddy bear coat, because I receive so many DMs and questions about it!

I’ve had it for a few months, but of course, it’s just starting to get a cold, so I’ve been wearing it a lot! It’s my go-to jacket right now.

Reasons I Love:

  1. It has a very oversized fit!! So, don’t size up, it’ll be way too big. It’s huge and I love that I can fit even my chunkiest knits underneath!
  2. It goes with everything! Seriously, no matter what color you get, you’ll realize it goes with absolutely everything you own, and it honestly makes every outfit so much cuter.
  3. It’s an amazing price! For under $100, you get a high quality coat that you’ll wear all throughout the fall and winter.

I love this coat so much and so glad you all have loved the way I’ve styled it!

I mostly wear this with jeans, a tee or sweater, and booties, but it’s been my go-to to throw on for the gym, running errands, and going out at night. Definitely a must have jacket.

(I’m wearing a UK size 2, US size XS for reference)

Get the Look:

 tan (color I’m wearing!) |  black | olive | maroon |cream (so so so obsessed with this color!!) | all sizes available here | and here

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