My Nighttime Routine

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Happy Saturday, everyone! I wanted to share with you all my nighttime skincare routine along with my new teeth whitening product I’ve been using! These products have changed my skin. Even though I do get the occasional break out or two, my skin overall looks brighter, I have a more even skin tone, and I feel confident wearing minimal makeup.

I’ve also been using the Avistar charcoal toothpaste along with their mouthwash (here.) I’ve always hated using whitening strips due to the sensitivity I get from them, and whitening toothpaste never seems to work fast enough! So, I started using Avistar and I can’t wait to tell you all more about it in this post!

  1. First off, take your makeup off!!! This is so important for your skin at night. Sleeping with your makeup causes your pores to get clogged and makeup and oil to build up in your skin. If you don’t do anything else, at least wash off your makeup! I start with a makeup wipe and then use my absolute favorite Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. This cleanser always makes my skin feel so clean afterwards and gets all of my makeup off (especially the excess that the makeup wipe doesn’t remove!). It’s also perfect for sensitive skin because it’s a lightweight cleanser with no intense ingredients and it has a creamy texture, so it’s not rough on your skin!
  2. Serums!! I feel like oils/serums are a whole new thing now that everyone’s getting on board with, and I just recently started using. It took me awhile to find one that didn’t make my skin break out, and unfortunately that means going for a pricier option. The serum I’ve been using is the Sunday Riley Juno Facial Oil. I chose this oil because I wanted just a basic face oil, not one that focused on a specific thing, like acne, because I didn’t want anything too intense on my skin. I’ve been loving this face oil and it’s made my skin tone so much more even and gives my skin a little glow. PRO TIP: Put this on before using your jade face roller (this one is only $7 and works so well!).
  3. After my face oil, I use my Sunday Riley Good Genes. This product is a little thicker than a serum and it actually works as an exfoliator that’s said to reduce wrinkles, improve circulation, and firm skin. This is the perfect product to use with your jade roller! I only use this about once a week though, because it is an intense product! But, every time I use it my skin looks AMAZING within MINUTES. I see my skin tone looking better and my face looking brighter. It’s perfect for a weekly skin refresher!
  4. The rule of thumb with skincare is that after your cleanser, you should apply your products based on lightest to heaviest consistency. So, after my Good Genes, I apply my Nars Total Replenishing Eye Cream. I’ve been using eye cream forever, and if you’re not using one, START. This is so important to reduce crow’s feet, bags, wrinkles, etc. I love this Nars one and have been using it for over a year and it’s great.
  5. Next is my moisturizer! This Caudalie Vinopure Moisturizer is my favorite! I actually got a facial at Sephora and my face was so red after and she put this on and my redness completely went away! It really hydrates my skin and I love mixing a little with my primer on days when I’m wearing a tinted moisturizer (I love this one) to feel extra hydrated!
  6. Lastly, I brush my teeth!! Now time to talk all about my Avistar charcoal toothpaste! For first impressions, this product is very messy, so put it on top of a towel haha! But, basically you can brush with just the charcoal or add toothpaste for flavor. I choose to add my cavity protection toothpaste (not whitening, so I could see how well the products work) and then I run my toothbrush under some water and dip it into the charcoal powder! Then, just brush! Super easy! And afterwards, use their mouthwash for even more whitening power! Not only does this help whiten teeth, it just makes your teeth feel so much cleaner and gets everything out! I’ve loved using it because it really scrubs your teeth. I’ve noticed a whiter smile and a clean feeling with this product. PLUS, it’s only $19! Such a steal! Cheaper than whitening strips and you can use it with your whitening toothpaste for maximum results!

Shop Avistar: 

Charcoal Toothpaste | Mouthwash

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