June Beach Trip Outfit Round Up

Hi, friends! As you all know (if you follow me on Insta), I was recently at the beach and I received a ton of inquiries about my bathing suits and outfits! So, I figured to make things easy, I'd share everything I wore for you guys so you all can choose what to buy or... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Summer Dress

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday! I've been so into summer dresses this season and had to share this one with you guys! The shape is amazing, and for under $40 it seriously looks like a designer dress! I love the white color, which makes it so chic, but also the high neck and ribbed look can... Continue Reading →

Monochrome Blue

Happy Saturday, everyone! The weather is still rainy, but I see the sun starting to come out! Today, I decided to wear a beachy look since I’m missing the beach so much! I can’t wait to be back in a few weeks. These pants are PERFECT for the beach. Pair them with a bathing suit... Continue Reading →

Mellow Yellow for Summer

Hi, everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote an actual blog post, but this dress deserved one! I got this dress from Vestique, but I found it on a few other sites so I’ll link everything at the bottom of this post for you guys! Yellow is so in this summer, so when I saw... Continue Reading →

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