Lace Layers for Fall

I love layering for the fall, and I feel like a lace long sleeve is the perfect piece to help with that! Layering a lace long sleeve under dresses, jumpsuits, and even graphic tees adds more detail to your fall outfits. I decided to try it under this suede v-neck dress and I love the... Continue Reading →

Monday Roundup

Happy Monday! So, I've been stuck in bed since Friday thanks to getting my wisdom teeth removed. It's been a pain and I've been extremely bored. My diet has consisted of mashed potatoes, smoothies, soup, and tiramisu (which isn't so bad). So, of course I resort to online shopping (and binge watching Mad Men). Since... Continue Reading →

Fall Inspo

Hey guys! I wanted to share this adorable fall outfit with you all for some October inspiration! It's the first of the month, and not as cold as it should be for October. I've been working nonstop and have been loving wearing my fall clothes to work. But, outside of work it feels like it's... Continue Reading →

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