I. Coffee





Hi everyone and welcome to my first coffee post! I decided to do this because, as a coffee lover, I feel like I go to a lot of different shops and try a lot of new flavors and brews. I wanted to share them all with you on my blog! This has also been a great way for me to keep busy this summer on my days off. I love relaxing, taking photos, and brainstorming blog ideas while sitting in an adorable coffee shop sipping some cold brew!

For my first feature, I stopped by this coffee shop, Coffee Republic, after a friend recommended it to me last week. I tried their Honey Almond Iced Latte and this is my new favorite drink! I drive over here, regardless if it’s out of the way, just to get this drink! It’s so refreshing and I love the honey in it, which I’ve never had in coffee before. The shop is also super cute and perfect for pictures! Can’t wait to explore some more places and get some ideas and recommendations from everyone.

Thanks for reading, xx!

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