Turn Your Boots Into a Summer Staple



Before you pack away all of your winter items, don’t forget to keep your booties in your closet! Most people associate booties with winter items, but there are so many ways to incorporate your favorite shoes into the summer season. I personally love wearing booties in the summer because they give off an edgy vibe to your outfit and most people don’t think you can rock them this season.

For me, my favorite booties are my snake skin Urban Outfitters boots. They’re my favorite pattern and they make any outfit pop. I also happen to love wearing these in the summer!

Right now, I’m wearing these booties with jean shorts and my favorite Free People blouse. I wanted to show you guys a more everyday way to rock these. I have work today and this is what I’ll be wearing, and it’s perfect because this whole outfit is so comfortable!

I also love pairing these booties with t-shirt dresses, rompers, boyfriend jeans, and jumpsuits.  It’s so fun to dress these boots up or down and it’s great that these, and other booties, can be easily transitioned from season to season so that you can get the most wear out of them!

Comment some ways that you incorporate your booties into your summer outfits! Thanks for reading!

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