Sporty Chic

This year, the sporty clothing items have been transformed into chic looks. From workout clothes to a spin on your everyday sneakers, everyone is rocking these comfortable items.

I decided to switch it up and photograph my best friend, Ashley, in her sporty look. You can really dress up or down your favorite items to make them more chic. T-shirts, sports bras, sneakers, bomber jackets, and mesh are all trendy items that fall under the sporty category. Here, Ashley’s wearing a cute, strappy back sports bra with a basic white tee over. To make the look a little more sporty, she paired it with a black mesh skirt, which add great detail and a pop of texture into the style. She completed the look with white slip on sneakers, sunglasses, and a choker.

This look is a great, affordable example of dressing down your sporty look. The cute skirt is from Forever 21! You can add an oversized tote to make this look perfect for daytime activities. To dress up this look you can add a little black heeled booty and a cute bag or a fancier necklace for a night out. Let me know if you guys try out any sporty looks and what you all think of this one!


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