Exposed, Dolce K, and Glosses Review

So, here’s my second review on Kylie Cosmetics. My first impression from getting just Kourt K was that it wasn’t my favorite and I felt like it was a waste of money. The color went on very uneven and I had to keep reapplying throughout the night. You can check out that review in my previous post!

Then, Kylie came out with Exposed, which I thought was such a cute color, so I decided to give it a second chance. I purchased Exposed, Dolce, and the three glosses.

Exposed is the perfect everyday nude color. It went on so much more even than Kourt K, I think because it was a lighter color and Kourt K is so dark.  The liner was still amazing, just like my last one. Exposed also stayed on all day! Love this color the most out of the mattes!

Dolce K also was a great, very pigmented color. It stayed on all day just like Exposed and overall was an amazing formula. I’d consider it a dark nude and it also went on better than Kourt.

I like the formulas for Exposed and Dolce so much better than my first one  because they were exactly what she claimed they were. They last long and go on really well. I had to put on a lot of Kourt K in order for the color to be even on my lips and so once it dried it would start peeling due to how much product was on my lips. With these two, I only needed about one coat of the color to get it even.

Like I said in my last review, I have Beeper ($6) from Colourpop, which is supposedly the dupe for Dolce, and they both look almost exactly the same on me.

Finally, for the glosses, I’m so impressed. I have so many Mac glosses, so I couldn’t wait to try Kylie’s. I got every color, Like, Literally, and So Cute. The formula is so creamy and it stays on for so long. After eating I had to reapply but without eating they pretty much stayed on all day. My biggest pet peeve with glosses is that they just feel so sticky, but these ones don’t feel like that at all. They feel creamy and really comfortable on your lips. The colors are nude but different shades. My favorite is the lightest one, So Cute. It’s so casual and everyday. I highly recommend these glosses and they’re perfect for everyday wear!

So, overall I would recommend skipping out on purchasing Kourt K, like I stated in my last article, and going for some of her other colors and definitely investing in her glosses!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you guys think of these products!

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