Kylie Lip Kit

So, I finally got my hands on the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit! I purchased Kourt K, which is her dark purple matte liquid lipstick. I got Kourt K because I love those dark lip colors and thought I’d get the most use out of it. Here’s my review…

First, the pencil. This lip liner is amazing. It’s so smooth and sharp and goes on so well, it’s definitely my favorite lip pencil ever! I wish she sold these separately because I’d love to buy every color!

Finally, I opened the lipstick bottle and it smelled so good. The smell is like the lip smackers chapstick I used to buy in middle school. But then, I put on the lipstick and it was not what I expected at all. First off, it goes on extremely uneven. I had to put on about three to four coats before it looked normal on my lips. Then, throughout the night I had to keep reapplying because it kept coming off. Other than that, the liner and color was amazing and the color didn’t get on my straw or anything, but the formula is definitely not worth the $30.

Now, I’ve heard her other colors aren’t like this and that Kourt K is the only one that goes on so unevenly. My roommate purchased Candy K and it stayed on her the whole night without her having to reapply once. So, if you insist on a lip kit, I suggest purchasing another color.  I definitely want to purchase Candy K or Koko K in the future and will let you guys know how those formulas are. All reviews for the other colors seem to be mostly positive remarks, besides the ones for Kourt K.

For alternatives, I have six Colourpop ultra matte lipsticks, which are only $6, and their formula is amazing for such a great, low price! I found that their colors Clueless, Beeper, and Limbo are almost identical to Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K. I also really life Jeffree Star matte liquid lipstick line and if you don’t care about the matte finish, Mac has an amazing lipstick in the color Cyber that is similar to Kourt K!

Let me know if you guys had different/better experiences with any of the lip kits!

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