LF Sale

I love LF. Literally, everything in the store I could wear. From the flare jeans with crazy patterns to their fantastic shoe collection, I can’t get enough. So, what’s my favorite holiday of the year? The LF sale! Everything just drops to 60% off, which is perfect for my budget. But, I’m all the way in Maryland and the closest LF to me is in New York City. What can a girl do?

Well, there are a few options. I’ve stalked and searched high and low to find places to order LF clothes online and my findings were successful.

First, is Poshmark. My roommate got me in on this secret. It’s a website where people sell their clothes, shoes, etc. for whatever price they feel is appropriate. Most of the LF clothes on there are for the same price as it is in the store, but rarely, you can find something for a little less. If you don’t mind the prices and can’t get to your closest LF, Poshmark is the perfect pit stop to order their merchandise online!

Next, is a brand I found on LF’s Instagram. It’s called Emma and Sam. LF sells their brand in their store so it’s perfect! And, they’re participating in the 60% off sale too! What a win. This store has all of those cute lace up top and tees. I just bought one and can’t wait for it to arrive and share it with you guys!

So, even though the coolest, trendiest, secret store is a little far, these second choices are perfect to fulfill your LF needs until you can get over to the city!

Let me know if you guys buy anything and what you thought of these websites!


Emma and Sam


photo credit: LF website


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