5 Necessities to Conquer the Snow

Two feet of snow and a blizzard later, I’ve compiled a list of all of the necessities you guys need to conquer this snow storm! Jonas has maybe ruined half of our weekend plans and buried our cars, but our trendiness will remain! Besides your daily cup of coffee to warm you up, here are five must-haves for this snowy weather.

  1. HUNTER BOOTS: With snow up to our knees, the best way to make sure we don’t get frostbite on our perfectly pedicured feet is to invest in a pair of Hunters! I have the white ones, but of course, the popular black ones are all people have been wearing this weekend! Although I also love Timberlands, L.L. Bean boots, Doc Martens, and other snow shoes, I prefer the Hunters because they’re up to my knees and can handle this blizzard!

Check them out here: $150

2. HIGH SOCKS: Underneath those boots, you better have on a pair of fuzzy high socks! The Hunters, unfortunately, are not the warmest shoes. With high socks, you get warmth and coziness all in one!

Buy some cute ones herehere, and here.


3. BEANIE, EAR MUFFS, AND HATS: Trust me, your ears will freeze! Without a beanie or ear muffs, expect your hair to be frozen and wet and your ears to be red and burning from the cold and wind! I have multiple beanies and super cozy ear muffs! They always help during my walks in this weather!

Keep your ears warm with thesethese, or these!

4. FLANNELS/THERMALS: I’m sure you all own a flannel! You can purchase these anywhere and they’ll keep you warm under your winter coat and they’re super cute! Wear it unbuttoned with a graphic tee underneath or buttoned with an oversized scarf! Another favorite of mine that keeps me warm is the Free People Sunset Park Thermal! Definitely a necessity for this weather! Purchase it here!

5. FLEECE LEGGINGS: I love my fleece leggings! They’re so warm and comfortable, I wear them all the time! I bought mine awhile back from My Best Friend’s Closet, but you can find them here for only $19!



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