Black Friday

So, I officially survived my first Urban Outfitters’ Black Friday! Arriving there at 3:30 in the morning was bitter sweet, but it was a fun and awesome experience. All of the employees brought different types of food and our theme was black and white! I decided to wear, of course, a Free People tunic.

This Free People tunic is an oldie, but goodie. They’ve recently come out with so many different colors and patterns of this tunic. I paired it with black jeans and my signature over-the-knee boots.

I love this outfit because it’s so simple yet the details make it so fun and trendy.

I ran to Starbucks as fast as I could to help me stay awake during my shift. I had so much fun though shopping and working while being comfortable in my outfit! Happy Black Friday everyone!








Photo Credit: Christina Koutsoukos


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